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We are known for the MOST BEAUTIFUL micro, tcup, toy miniature schnauzers across the US, Canada, England, Australia, Mexico and throughout Europe. We are also the most experienced in safely shipping to these countries. We provide boarding, training, and hand delivery for these special puppies that have to travel so far to meet their new family.

We are a family based business and that allows us to focus on producing WELL SOCIALIZED micro teacup, toy and miniature schnauzer puppies. All of our schnauzer puppies are born and raised in our home being watched over carefully by our family.  We start dog door training and kennel training at 6 weeks of age. We continue training until the puppy goes to its new home. Even our micro-tcup miniature schnauzers are almost potty trained by the time they go home. We have dedicated an entire page to puppy care and training so that you can continue the routine your toy schnauzers are used to.


CONFORMATION is a must with our breeding miniature schnauzers and we have acquired several champion bloodline male and female miniature schnauzers to increase the quality of even our tcup schnauzer puppies.  Even some of our toy miniature schnauzers have 50+ champions behind them even though they, themselves can not be shown, they have those same show qualities. Some of our toy and miniature schnauzer puppies will go home with a 6 generation pedigree that contains between 45-112 AKC champions.  

If you haven't got HEALTH, it doesn't matter how beautiful or socialized a teacup or toy schnauzer puppy is.  That is why we were the first to offer a 5 year Health Guarantee. This covers the puppy against any life threatening genetic defect.  In other words, we have enough confidence in our breeding program that we are willing to extend the guarantee to 5 years.  The micro teacup and toy miniature schnauzer puppies are all registered as Miniature Schnauzers by AKC, but the micro tcup and teacup schnauzer (3-6 pounds) and the toy schnauzer (7-11pounds) are just classifications of mature size.

COMMITMENT to you and your new micro, teacup or toy miniature schnauzer puppy shows the signs of a good breeder.  We take the time to kennel train, dog door train, socialize, vaccinate, and prepare your new miniature schnauzer puppy for the sights and sounds of the real world, but it doesn't end there. We are committed to the micro teacup, toy and miniature schnauzers that we produce for the life of the puppy.  If, for any reason, your situation changes and you can no longer keep your miniature schnauzer, you can return it to Royal Schnauzers and we will place it for you; we never want to see any of our teacup, toy or mini schnauzers end up in a shelter.  Once a Royal Schnauzer...always a Royal Schnauzer.


We FEED our micro tcup and tcup miniature schnauzers Royal Canine Starter, Blue Wilderness Small Breed and Eukanuba Small Breed. We feed our toy and miniature schnauzer puppies Nutro Ultra Puppy,Eukanuba Puppy and Blue Wilderness. In addition to their dry kibble, we feed them our own home-grown organic Turkey, Lamb and Veggies. We are very concerned with the health of, not only our micro teacup, toy and miniature schnauzer puppies, but also our adult miniature schnauzers, so we feed plenty of natural foods and offer them Isagenix Cleanse For Life.

We have been BREEDING dogs for over 14 years. We produce Micro Teacup, Toy and Miniature Schnauzer puppies exclusively. We do not produce "designer" breeds nor do we breed non-AKC Miniature Schnauzers. We feel that there is no improvement that can be made by bringing in other breeds. We are confident that as you look at our site, you will agree that we have some of the most beautiful miniature schnauzers around so why would we want to introduce another breed?! If you see anything on our Lil Lords(males 4-sale) or Lil Ladies(females 4-sale) pages that interests you, please give us a call or email us at  Better yet, come see our dogs in person! Some breeders will not let you come to the home. They prefer to keep their dogs in hiding. PLEASE COME VISIT!

If you need REFEENCES, we offer our VET'S PHONE NUMBER and also the

testimonies of many who have purchased one of our micro tcup toy miniature schnauzer puppies in the past.  Take a look at the Testimonials page and it will give you an idea what kind of quality micro teacup, toy and miniature schnauzer puppies we are producing and how their new owners feel about them. "My first impression was  WOW!!!!! OMGsh..." (Joseph in Texas) or "We are ecstatic about our puppy." (Kathy in California). 



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